Two-minute Tuesday – July 5th

Can a bivalent COVID vaccine really save more lives?

Another week, another Tuesday. Covid Clinic here, bringing you the latest in COVID-19 news around the world.

The FDA continues to push for post-Omicron vaccine boosters this fall. Both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have bivalent, BA.4- and BA.5-inclusive vaccine formulas in the works, and experts are hopeful about what these novel vaccines may be able to accomplish.

What else has been happening? A few more stories to check out this Tuesday:

COVID cases in the U.S. overall are still rising steadily, albeit at a gentler pace than the last few weeks before. With COVID surge season just ahead, however, we urge all of our patients to remain cautious, practicing social distancing and masking whenever appropriate.

If you’ve got kids heading back to school, we wish you a safe and hassle-free transition between your family’s summer activities and a brand new semester of learning to come. 

Thank you as always for stopping by! Stay tuned for another week of COVID tips and best practices for every person and community.

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