Orland Park Testing Site (Coming Soon)

Located near Join Relief Institute. 

This is a drive-through testing location and is located in the parking lot. Patients can stay in the safety of their vehicle. 

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In Addition To The Self-Pay Services Listed Below, Covid Clinic Provides Free Diagnostic COVID-19 PCR Testing For Eligible Insured, Uninsured, And Undocumented Patients. Questions During Registration Will Verify Every Patient’s Eligibility For Free Diagnostic Testing. Travel Related Services Are Not Included With Free Diagnostic Testing.

Tests Available At This Location

Covid Clinic provides $0 upfront service for COVID-19 PCR testing. When paying out-of-pocket for rapid testing, patients may be able to receive reimbursement from their health insurance provider for all or a portion of their COVID-19 test. Patients are invited to contact their insurance provider for additional information as to whether they may be eligible to receive reimbursement for a COVID-19 test and how to apply. Click Here to see an example of the invoice each patient receives for their test(s).

Rapid COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibody Test

  1. This test is used to detect COVID-19 antibodies. A positive antibody test result suggests the patient was recently infected by COVID-19 or has developed an immune response through vaccination.

  2. Results are generally reported within 30 minutes at most locations.