Our Solutions

Prepaid Vouchers

This option provides groups of all sizes the ability to leverage the convenience and high testing capacity of Covid Clinic’s 110+ drive-through clinics. Many of COVID Clinic’s locations are staffed seven days a week and can test tens of thousands of patients every day.

Mobile Testing

COVID Clinic has a fleet of mobile testing vehicles that can be dispatched to any location within 150 miles of a Covid Clinic location. COVID Clinic’s testing services can be deployed for a group or event of ANY size. Accommodations can be made for extremely high throughput for entry to large events.

Exposure Response

COVID Clinic provides diagnostic PCR COVID-19 testing with no cost to patients for those with recent exposure or symptoms. Groups do not need to pay for diagnostic PCR testing if there has been a recent exposure to COVID-19. When registering for a test, patients need to provide their insurance information or truthfully declare they are uninsured and the third party laboratory may bill the patient within the next calendar year (12 months). COVID Clinic sends the patient samples to third-party labs that require a physician order. COVID Clinic will accept an order from any licensed provider.

Buy Vouchers

Covid Clinic offers vouchers that you can buy now and then distribute to your group’s members. With these vouchers, your group’s members can book a test at any of our locations without needing to pay at checkout. 

25 or more vouchers, in any combination of tests, in a single purchase will be discounted in the following tiers:

25+ = 10% discount
100+ = 15% discount
200+ = 20% discount
500+ = 25% discount
More than 2,000 tests? Contact us for details.

Do You Need Us To Come To You?

Covid Clinic is proud to offer and facilitate on-site testing. Fill out the form and we’ll call you at your requested time. This appointment is for a phone consultation to answer any questions and confirm a later date and time for group testing services. We usually have agents standing by and can often contact you very quickly — if your inquiry is urgent, please choose the soonest hour available. We look forward to speaking with you!

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