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Testing Made Easy

We are excited to all meet on the beach this August 13th-15th and 20th-22nd!

In order for us to party freely and safely, each guest who is not fully vaccinated will need to get tested within 72-hours of the event at a COVID Clinic location. They have over 100 locations across the United States for your convenience.

Baja Beach Fest has partnered with Covid Clinic to make Covid testing and Wristband Activation seamless.

Register for your test below to get started!

How to get tested

Wristband ID

Find a Location Near You!

The test you will be taking

Covid 19 Test Tube

Usually $99

Just for Baja Beach Fest $49

Rapid Antigen Tests

This test is used to rapidly detect an active COVID-19 infection in a patient.

The cotton swab does not need to be inserted far into the nose, and is rotated in a circle around the entire inside edge of each nostril at least three times.

Results are generally reported within 30 minutes via text and email.  If you have entered your BBF WRSTBND ID code properly, the results will be connected direction to BBF.


Please WAIT until the week of the festival to take your Covid Test for Baja Beach Fest 2021 health screening.

Your test must be taken within  the 3 days leading up to the event. Tuesday the week of the festival is the soonest date to get tested for it to be used for the wristband activation process.


Yes, thankfully the Covid Clinic has 7 locations in San Diego County, CA. - which is just 1 hour north of our festival grounds in Rosarito Beach. For all Covid Clinic locations click here.

The Baja Beach Fest x Covid Clinic Covid test is $49 (typically $99). This $49 covers the test itself, the verification process, and the integration to help activate your RFID wristband. 

We will have testing sites in both Tijuana and Rosarito for anyone who needs a last minute test. Tests will be $49. Details on these testing locations and hours will be released soon.

While we wish you could get tested anywhere, unfortunately all tests need to be done through a Covid Clinic. The reason for this is that the verification process at the Covid Clinic has been tailored to work with our RFID wristbands. Upon the upload of your negative covid test from the Covid Clinic, your wristband will be allowed to be activated.

Unfortunately, anyone who tests positive within 72 hours of the event will not be allowed to attend the festival this year. With proof of a positive test from the Covid Clinic, Baja Beach Fest will provide you with a refund or you can save your passes for Baja Beach Fest 2022. Please email if you have any other questions regarding this and we can assist you.

When registering for your COVID test, be sure to include the Wristband ID found on the back of your Wristband. If you plan on picking up your Wristband at Will Call, register with the same Email Address you will be using to register your Wristband within the Baja Beach Fest Mobile App.
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